Beef and Pork Sausage Meatballs

Beef and Sausage meatballs served over leftover sweet potato hash

I created my own Paleo Recipe! That is to say, I deliberately put together ingredients and kept track of what I was doing in the hope that I could share it later. I’m very excited.

I am always so inspired by all the Paleo and Primal blogs that I see around the internet. Their photography is amazing and their food is absolutely mouthwatering. I never feel very creative myself and am not really aspiring to the level that so many other blogs are at. But if I can help share a healthy recipe here or two for someone else, that’s good enough for me!

It’s the end of the month here and for those of us who are poh’ folk know, it’s also the we’re-out-of-foodstamps time of months. I told myself I would not go to the grocery store and buy any more meat until I had used everything out of my freezer first. So that’s how these meatballs came about. This was what I had on hand and it turned out tasting pretty good! I served my meatballs on top of leftover sweet potato hash with some baby carrots on the side. The carrots were the only vegetables I had left! Everything else went into the meatballs.

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Kid Lunches and Some Food Recap

This was last weekend … or maybe even the weekend before. It was one of Mason’s first all-primal lunches at home. He now requests deviled eggs all the time for weekend lunches. Which is fine by me! Takes maybe 15 minutes, 8 of that spent boiling the eggs. I can handle that 🙂

Deviled Eggs, Lunch Meat, Ranch (Not paleo / primal, I know!) and Apple Slices

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