My first sale!

Purple and Green. Made for a 19 year old. I really hope she likes it.

Well I’m pretty excited. I’ve had a lot of really good feedback, through Facebook and real life encounters, about all of my crocheted items. Many people have asked if I have set up an Etsy store or plan to sell the hats. I haven’t set up an Etsy store. To be honest, I’m pretty intimidated by the all of the other crafters out there! I just don’t feel like I can compete (yet).

I am however, considering setting up a separate Facebook page to sell some items. But all this has to wait until finals are over. And probably Christmas too. I like the idea of this because I think it would be more local business and word of mouth, which is the kind of business that I think I can handle at this point in my life. I don’t want to get in over my head with trying to raise kids, maintain my messy house, and go to school. Continue reading


Chunky Crochet Brimmed Hat

Chunky Crochet Brimmed Hat

By: Jacey Hermann

Gauge – 4″ = 8 ½ DC, 5 ½ rows

Hook Size – US K 10.5 / 6.50 MM

Yarn – Lion Brand Yarn Hometown USA – Super Bulky (6) 5 oz.

This pattern should use exactly 1 skein of the Lion Brand Super Bulky yarn, which makes for a quick and easy project! The brown one I crocheted in about 45 minutes from start to finish and wearing. I have not tried it yet with other types of yarn. If you are going to use a worsted weight yarn, I recommend doubling up. Continue reading


It’s been awhile since I’ve scraped up enough time to blog. School seems to be getting the best of me. And if it isn’t school, it’s crocheting costumes, baby shower gifts or Christmas presents for friends and family! Three weeks left of this semester and then I’ll get a break.

This post isn’t going to be too wordy. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. This is the first time I have ever made costumes for the kids. They loved it. I felt like my fingers were going to fall off from crocheting so much. I was sewing up until 3o minutes before I had to be at Mason’s school for his Halloween parade! I think I used a combination of 6 different free patterns that I was able to find online to create these hats and mittens. Oy!

Tom and Jerry hat and "paws"

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