Lionbrand Hometown USA Color Choices

I don’t have pictures of all the available color choices yet, but I do have a list of what I can get at my local yarn store. Please follow the link below to the Lionbrand Site to see the color! (Color descriptions here are the same as Lionbrand Site.)

I apologize if this is not the most convenient way to view yarn colors. If you want you can always email me and simply ask about colors and I will do the best I can to match what you want. I will try to come up with a more efficient way of viewing these yarns in the future!

*Please note – colors may vary slightly on different screens*

Lionbrand Hometown USA yarns webpage.
*Note – if the color is not listed on my page here, then that means I cannot get it locally. I am willing to order the yarn online for you, but there will be an extra charge*

Below are the official color names, but if you want to simply pick a general color (examples: red, dark red, blue, dark blue, black, brown, etc.) I will pick out the color that best matches your request. I will always confirm the color with you before making the item.

Cincinnati Red
Santa Fe Tweed
Cambridge Tweed
Portland Wine
Virginia Beach
Oklahoma City Green
Phoenix Azalea
San Diego Navy
Monterey Lime
Honolulu Pink
Washington Denim
Aspen Tweed
Kansas City Wheat
Charlotte Blue
Pittsburgh Yellow
New York White
Houston Cream
Los Angeles Tan
Oakland Black
Tampa Spice


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