It’s been awhile since I’ve scraped up enough time to blog. School seems to be getting the best of me. And if it isn’t school, it’s crocheting costumes, baby shower gifts or Christmas presents for friends and family! Three weeks left of this semester and then I’ll get a break.

This post isn’t going to be too wordy. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. This is the first time I have ever made costumes for the kids. They loved it. I felt like my fingers were going to fall off from crocheting so much. I was sewing up until 3o minutes before I had to be at Mason’s school for his Halloween parade! I think I used a combination of 6 different free patterns that I was able to find online to create these hats and mittens. Oy!

Tom and Jerry hat and "paws"

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Kid Lunches and Some Food Recap

This was last weekend … or maybe even the weekend before. It was one of Mason’s first all-primal lunches at home. He now requests deviled eggs all the time for weekend lunches. Which is fine by me! Takes maybe 15 minutes, 8 of that spent boiling the eggs. I can handle that 🙂

Deviled Eggs, Lunch Meat, Ranch (Not paleo / primal, I know!) and Apple Slices

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College and Childcare

My response to the article : http://prospect.org/cs/articles?article=the_student_parent_trap

“The Student Parent Trap”

“As more parents attend college, the need for schools to accommodate them grows.”

This is something I think about every day that I’m at home trying to do homework…if I could afford childcare I could be much more productive with school and way less stressed. It’s so hard to balance taking care of my house, my kids and school that I constantly feel swamped, let alone trying to add anything extracurricular or social outside of those things. I can’t afford to put my daughter in daycare more than I already do (I have her in 8 hours a week and it costs me $36 each week just so I can go to class. The other hours I’m in class Al is home watching her) which makes doing school work at home SO incredibly difficult. $36 might not seem like much, but to a low income family of four, both parents college students, it’s a lot. Continue reading