One of those days

Some days I feel like a super mom. Other days I feel like a really terrible mom. Today I feel like a meh kind of mom. Or maybe blah. Though blah doesn’t quite fit, because to me blah means things just sort of blend together into a big bland mess of nothingness. But I definitely did some things today. The kids were fed at least three times today and I distinctly remember being the instigator for two of those times.

Not sure what has got me in the funk. Maybe it was finishing the memoir Mountain of Crumbs by Elena Gorokhova. Great book, by the way. I had to read it for my Intro to Russian Culture class. It is a personal and close up look of the Soviet Era, post World War II, in Leningrad, written from the perspective of a young girl. The other book I read this year for that class was The Tiger by John Vaillant, also a very interesting read. I highly recommend both. Back to Mountain of Crumbs, I think the reason it got me in a funk was that A.) I was crying in the second to last chapter or so and B.) I’ve really been missing my family anyway. Memoirs always get me sad. Mostly because I can’t read them without being vaulted to my own convoluted childhood and past.

I think I want to write a memoir. But to just start with that as a goal is insanely intimidating. I don’t feel like I have a developed enough writing skill to pull that sort of thing off. I took a Creative Writing Non-Fiction course last semester and really enjoyed it. But talk about funks in that class! I wrote my short memoiristic piece at the end of the semester and that left me feeling out of sorts for three weeks until I realized what was wrong with me. So I’ll take the writing in baby steps. I may start writing more personal things here on this blog but that’s still to be determined. It’s a scary thought, putting oneself out there like that!

The whole reason I even started this post today was to say, that despite my massively meh day, I cooked a really yummy dinner. I’m going to use this blog to catalog meals that I really enjoy. You know when you’re getting ready to cook dinner, or maybe if you’re really ahead of schedule, writing out your meal plan for your week and you can’t think of a single stinken thing to put on the menu? Well hopefully this will be a good way for me to jog my memory on things that have turned out well.

Tonight : “Speedy Spicy Sausage Stuffed Bell Peppers” and “Paleo ‘Corn’ Muffins” — I do not add the optional hot sauce to these because kids don’t tolerate spicy very well.

I wish I could post the recipe for these stuffed bell peppers, but they came from a cookbook and I don’t feel right giving out recipes that people have published in print. And I’m sure it would be a copyright violation or something like that. I need to look that up actually. What is the etiquette for sharing published recipes? These are from Everyday Paleo’s cookbook. I have been very happy with her cookbook so far. There has only been one recipe that I cooked and thought to myself…never again. Everything else has been really tasty and I’ve made probably 20 things out of there so far!

The “Paleo ‘Corn’ Muffins” I just happened to come across while on Facebook as the peppers were cooking. And I am so glad I did! They were super easy and fast to whip up. I didn’t take the time to snap a picture as we were already eating the peppers and burning our fingers on wrappers too-hot to be taken off yet from the muffins.

You can find the recipe at I will absolutely be making these again! Next time I want to substitute out a little butter for honey straight into the batter. I think these are going to make great additions to Mason’s school lunches that I plan on starting to make once this semester of school is over. Right now he still eats the hot lunch at school, but given the recent press about Pizza being approved as a vegetable, I know that I really need to start packing him lunches. He deserves better than what the school gives him. It’s just so hard to beat free lunch!

And now, bed. 8:18 8:22 pm (had to track down some links for you fine folks 😛 Also, I’m not sure what is up with my abuse of alliteration tonight, but I can’t seem to stop) . That has to be some kind of new record for me. Which is probably the second reason I was in a funk today. Not enough sleep because I was up late playing WoW last night. (Yes, I play it. No, I am not ashamed.)

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