It’s been awhile since I’ve scraped up enough time to blog. School seems to be getting the best of me. And if it isn’t school, it’s crocheting costumes, baby shower gifts or Christmas presents for friends and family! Three weeks left of this semester and then I’ll get a break.

This post isn’t going to be too wordy. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. This is the first time I have ever made costumes for the kids. They loved it. I felt like my fingers were going to fall off from crocheting so much. I was sewing up until 3o minutes before I had to be at Mason’s school for his Halloween parade! I think I used a combination of 6 different free patterns that I was able to find online to create these hats and mittens. Oy!

Tom and Jerry hat and "paws"

"Creepy Crawlies" The snack I brought for Mason's school Halloween Party

I got the idea for this recipeΒ here. I figured since the kids would be getting so much sugar from Halloween that it would be good to do something a little “healthier.” Only about half the kids took one though. Maybe they were a little too creepy looking. It made me chuckle.

Mason wanted Paige to go on his parade with him! It was so cute. It warms my heart when the kids are spontaneously loving and nice to each other. Tom didn't want to be without his Jerry. πŸ™‚

Halloween Parade. They held hands the whole way.

Getting ready for the big night!

Little Hedwig from Harry Potter. This is my best friend's daughter. I also crocheted this hat and cape. It turned out so well and was very fun to do.

Liora as Hedwig. Of course the costume looks cute because it has the cutest toddler in it!

Tom and Jerry πŸ™‚ I had to beg Mason to let me put face paint on him. This was not a situation to be forced but one to be convinced of. So glad he agreed πŸ™‚

She's so stinken' adorable

Hedwig and her mom, Amber, as Trelawney from Harry Potter.

Running from house to house. This was the first year we went real Trick or Treating. They had so much fun.

Paige told me a few days later, "You know mom, you can't just go up to a house and say 'Hey Lady, give me some candy!' ... you have to say Trick or Treat!"

Not Halloween related but I made myself a hat! After crocheting things for so many other people I thought it would be ok to make myself something πŸ˜›

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