Excited for next semester

Since I’ve been back in school it seems like every semester is a real struggle to register into the classes that I actually need. I don’t remember this being a problem when I was a single, unattached, bright-eyed freshman. It was so easy to register back then probably because of the fact that I was single and unattached to any real responsibility. But the last three semesters, scheduling for me has been a mad scramble, frantically comparing my potential availability to when my husband has enrolled and what times I can fit my daughter into daycare for the least amount of money possible, and don’t forget to drop off and pick up Mason, and an hour earlier every Thursday! Are you gasping for air yet, because every semester I have been trying to figure all of that out!

Not so this year. Thank God! Literally. Thank You. I was able to get 3 out of the 4 classes I had planned. Shakespeare is going to be the bane of my college existence I think. One class each semester with only 25 seats for an mandatory class for the entire English Department. So I didn’t get that one but it ended up working out to my benefit.

You see this year Al and I have decided to do something, well, kind of corny. We’re taking classes together. I’ve wanted to do it since we started going back to school. But I didn’t mention it (this semester). I just figured it wouldn’t really work out and hadn’t been thinking of it. But as I was doing my usual pre-registration scramble, he made an off-handed remark about trying to get a class together. This next spring semester is WIDE open for him. It’s his last semester of school (WOO-HOO!!!) and he is all set with his business classes. He just needs to take a few electives to flesh out his credits and get that shiny bachelors degree. So we signed up for not only one, but TWO classes together. We will be taking People’s of the Northwest Pacific and Food & Culture (both Anthropology courses). You know what this means right? More time to hang out together. Built in study partner. One set of books (that’s anywhere between $100-200 we won’t have to spend next spring).

The Shakespeare class that I was planning on enrolling in fits in between these two anthropology courses. But since I didn’t get in it, now I have a built in lunch break with Al three times a week. While Paige is in daycare! This is money. Pure awesome. So amazing! That’s a built in lunch date three times a week! On that note, we’ll have to work really hard to pack lunches and not succumb to the University Food Court–not that the food court is a very appetizing option all of the time :(. But the convenience of it is. Anyway, I think you are probably getting the picture. For two busy college students with kids who sometimes don’t really get to talk more than 5 minutes a day to each other, this is amazing. I can’t wait for next semester!

H.G. Wells The Time Machine

I am also taking a science fiction  course which I’m really looking forward to (you can search for science fiction on that page and find it). I just finished reading H.G. Well’s The Time Machine. It’s considered by many to be the first truly science fiction novel. It was really interesting to read it knowing the context and history of the late 19th century and all that was going on. It went from being a merely interesting novel that I had somewhat heard about before (I had seen the movie, that almost counts) to being a truly interesting social critique of late Victorian Society. Love it! I love it when things make sense. Knowing history and context enriches the experience for me. So I’m looking forward to reading more science fiction novels in the same way. I’ve never even considered that an author would be commenting on more than his whimsical imagination, but would be involving himself (or herself) into the political conversation of their time. Extremely short sited of me, I know.

My fourth class for the semester will be Literary Criticism. Not much to say about this class. It’s a requirement. *cough* (that I may have failed/dropped out of my second year of school–before I was the responsible adult I am now, of course). I’m sure it will be interesting. I haven’t taken a LIT class yet that wasn’t. I did however, go very far out of my way to NOT get a certain teacher, that I will not name–the same teacher that I originally took the course from almost 10 years ago (wow I’m gettin’ old). Feel like I dodged a bullet on that one. That’s a bit of my 19 y.o. immature self peaking through, but I just don’t want to take a course from him again! Purely a personality clash, I’m sure, and probably nothing to do with teaching style. Right. Not saying anything more.

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