Done making excuses

Ok, I admit it. I need to exercise. This isn’t exactly a revelation to me. I’ve gone back and forth between exercising and not several times over my life, especially in the last five years. I’ll get on kicks, and do really well for awhile and then for one reason or another I gradually quit.

I’ve been considering getting rid of my YMCA membership, but every time I ‘make’ the decision to cancel it, my stomach feels as if a load of rocks has been dropped into the bottom of it. It just doesn’t feel right. What feels right is to go, and for two reasons.

(Here’s me re-convincing myself that I need to go.)

1.) My kids love the YMCA. They like to go and hang out with other kids. They love it when we let them run upstairs on the track or goof off in the blue gym. And I should be thrilled that they show an interest in physical activity. I need to nurture this in them.

2.) I’m shortchanging my eating efforts by not complimenting them with exercise. I make excuses. I know I do. To be fair, I genuinely feel strapped for time and tired. But I also know that exercising helps energy levels. I’m sure I can fit in 30 minutes, twice a week, less than an hour total each time to make it to the gym, throw some weights around and get some extra walking in.

A friend of mine pinned this on pinterest yesterday and it is very true. “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not you’ll find an excuse.” My health is very important to me. And fostering a healthy lifestyle in my kids is equally important. How can I expect them to grow up with a desire to live a healthy, active lifestyle if I don’t lead the way by example?

No more excuses, I’m going tonight. I’ll even take a picture and post it here for proof! Now there’s motivation and accountability.

(P.S. On the topic of pinterest, if you want to follow me click here! I mostly use pinterest to keep track of recipes but every once in awhile I throw other things up there too. I love my virtual pinboard.)



-I went to the gym! The (extremely poor quality) picture below is my proof. 🙂 And my sore legs. Makes me absolutely LOVE<sarcasm> living up on a third floor in my apartment complex.

See, I went! And parked far away too, because what's the point of parking next to the door at the gym? Get some more exercise and walk!!!

One response to “Done making excuses

  1. Haha, I like the sign and your description below it. I just printed out a YMCA application. I don’t know if it would work for us to go at the same time, but if I “get in” or whatever….at a price I can afford…maybe we could go together sometimes. Don’t beat yourself up. Eating healthy is a huge step and you get exercise going up and down the stairs and etc. It’s not like you sit at home on the couch all day. But of course going to the gym is another good step too. And it does feel good. But think about that and go for that reason instead of going because you feel guilty not going. 🙂

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