Crocheting keeps me sane this semester

Flower closeup

I am so thankful that my friend Amber asked me if I still crocheted and if I would be able to make an owl hat for her daughter. Crocheting is something that I’ve always enjoyed doing, but one of those things that if I don’t have a project I’m really excited about, I don’t go out of my way to do. I told her I would look into it, we looked online for some crochet patterns and found this one and that was that. Little did I know this would turn my next two weeks into a crocheting frenzy …

So the next day or so I think, I decide I need to test my skills and crocheted my daughter a hat in little under 3 1/2 hours. While my whole family is asleep after church, I’m going crazy on this hat and before I know it I’m done and I’ve just spent an entire afternoon, relaxed and being creative.

First crochet project in a long time! Took about 3 1/2 hours

Enter Hedwig costume for her adorable 1 year old daughter. I’m guessing this has probably taken me around 20 hours to complete. I really wish I had added up all the nights and days I worked on it. The nose alone took 30 minutes. The edging around the cape took easily 5. The hat itself I had to restart THREE times. It’s kind of silly to take up an entire project on a really “dusty” set of skills, but I’ve never been one to go slow on things. Both feet in or not at all.

Turns out crocheting is very relaxing for me. It is repetitious enough that it calms me and I can settle into a relaxed state. But it takes just enough concentrating–counting rows, stitches, rounds, increases and decreases and changing of stitch types–that my brain is busy enough thinking about the crocheting that I stop thinking about my every day stresses. And that, people, is a HUGE relief.

Enough chatting, here’s the pictures 🙂 I’ll be making costume hats and gloves for my kids. They are going as Tom and Jerry. I’ll post those, and hopefully maybe some work in progress posts, when I’m all done.

– Jacey

One response to “Crocheting keeps me sane this semester

  1. I’m glad you’re thankful for it rather than regretful you took on a project that ended up taking so long! You are awesome!!

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